News and Announcements

8th grade scholar athletes

The following students represent our Junior High athletic programs which include volleyball, cross country, football, and cheerleading with a 3.5 or higher GPA for the 4th quarter of the 2015-2016 school year. Congratulations on your great effort in the classroom and representing Wynford Local Schools. Cheerleading: Alison Gebhardt, Kylee Phonchone & Delaney Strickland. Cross Country: Katie Tuck, Soren Gerlach, Ryan Ruth, Matthew Schiefer & Will Stinehelfer. Football: Toby Butterfield, Logan Collene, Griffin Davis, Lucas Hackworth, Levi Hartschuh, Sajan Hoffman, Aidan Johnson, Cameron Moone, Caden Pollock, Cody Taylor & Wes Wheeler. Volleyball: Naomi Beecham, Aizlyn Green, Kearson Hulsmeyer, Mia Leuthold, Riley Lusk, Alesha Pennock, Felicity Rumer, Allison Scott, Kaylee Smith, Kassidy Stanford & Lyndie Williams. 


Leader in Me

The Student Lighthouse Team is a part of our Leader In Me program. Members are chosen because they have exceptional leadership skills and are committed to serving our school. Throughout the year they will work on school improvement projects, community service projects, and work with the Staff Lighthouse Team.

We are proud of all the students who applied for the Student Lighthouse and encourage all of our students to be Leaders.

The following students were chosen to be on the Student Lighthouse Team:
Grade Four: Hunter Ekleberry, Anthony Evans, Dawson Pelter, Autumn Thoroughman, and Mallorie Williams
Grade Five: Maya Collene, Emily Goldfuss, Aubrey Hastings, Natalie Johnson, Cassandra Kurek, Grant McGuire, and Nate Rabun
Grade Six: Ella Gregory, Ruth Kaple, Reese McGuire, Clareese Prenger, Madison Ridge, and Emma Steiger

Just this week they hosted their first “Community Brunch.” There were approximately 20 guests invited for breakfast and a presentation by the Student Lighthouse Team. The guests were given a tour of the building, were interviewed and introduced by one of the students, 1st graders sang, and after the presentation were shown a video. Before leaving they were asked to share their thoughts on the brunch:

  • “You touched my heart, every single one of you.”
  • “I am honored to be a part of the community that you are going to grow into.”

21st Century Learning Grant

Our elementary building is very fortunate to be able to continue our Royal Leaders Program. We will again offer before and after school programs to students who qualify for the program. We will determine eligibility based on MAP test scores and the Free/Reduced lunch lists. After initial numbers are determined, we will be able to open the program to more students. We will offer transportation home after the program. After having our program review, we found that it had a huge impact on the students both academically and socially. Our official start date is Monday, October 10th.

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