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3rd Annual Football Alumni Reunion

The 3rd Annual Football Alumni Reunion will take place during homecoming weekend preceeding the football game versus Mohawk on September 30th.  Events will begin at 6:00 pm in the Wynford FFA shop. Please share this information with former football alumni. We are looking forward to a great event and honoring the 2011 Final 4 football team at halftime. 

Ohio Improvement Process

1. Why are we a "Watch" School?  

The elementary and JH are two buildings that show low achievement by student subgroups.  

2. How did my school become a "Watch" School?

We receive Title I funds and AMO grade of D or F for school years 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14.You receive state funding for subgroups, one or more subgroups has not shown satisfactory progress based on measure to be set by the State Board of Education. The two subgroups the state is talking about is economically disadvantaged and IEP students.

3. What will be the school's role?

A district is responsible for monitoring its Watch School's improvement plan to ensure that the plan is fully implemented and that existing funding is being allocated properly. We have to develop a school improvement plan as well as a Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan The plan describes the following: Interventions, Supports, Instructional Strategies that work using data that will close subgroup achievement gaps.  

4. How do you get a building as well as the district out of "Watch" school status?  

A building may exit the watch school designation by earning "C" or better on its Annual Measurable Objectives. Time line - two of the following three school years:  2015-16, 2016-17, and 2017-18. We have three years and the clock is ticking!

5. Who oversees our Improvement Process and determines it is being implemented properly: Region 7 State Support Team  

6. What to look forward to: As a building there should be a collaborative effort to brainstorm as well as implement an Improvement Plan that will address the needs of our subgroups. Teams will be made up of district teams, building teams and teacher teams. The purpose of the teams is to implement the 5 step process: 1. Collecting and chart implementation and student performance data 2. Analyze implementation and student performance related to the data 3. Review and/or refine the building focused action steps relative to the data and team needs 4. Establish building wide implementation and monitoring actions/tasks 5. Define the student data for reviews at meetings.  

Just relax.... and we will work through this process together and as the great Woody Hayes stated; "With every great organization You Win with People!" We have great people in our district and we will identify students who need support and provide the interventions, instructional strategies to allow them to be successful as well as meet the needs of all student learners. 

Books for Babies

The purpose of this program is to bring awareness to our families about the importance of reading to children starting at birth.  When a baby is born in the Wynford community, a gift bag containing various baby items and books, will be presented to that family.  We need the support of communication to connect us to families with new additions so that a “Books for Babies” gift bag can be delivered.  The community can get the news of a new Wynford Royal to us through our school secretaries, PTO officers and/or title teachers.  We need to know the parents’ names, address, baby name, baby gender, and any siblings attending Wynford.  Our thanks to the Wynford PTO for providing the funding for this outreach program.

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