Phone System Help

General Phone Information

To Place an External Call: Press intercom or lift handset and dial number 9 - then dial number.
To Place an Internal Call: Press Intercom key or lift handset and then dial the extension.
To Transfer a Call: Press Transfer and dial desired extension number.
To Place a Call on Hold/Exclusive Hold: While on the phone press Hold, to retrieve press Hold again or press the line flashing. Exclusive hold, press Feature then Hold.
Call Forward: Press Call Fwd key and enter the extension number of where you want to forward.
Conference: Make or answer the first call, put the first call on hold, make second call. After you are connected press the conference key and then press the line that is flashing. Your conference call is now established.
Display Contrast: Press Feature *7 Adjust the contrast of the display by pressing the number on the dial pad or by using your display.
Do Not Disturb: Press Feature 85 prevents any incoming calls from ringing at your desk. To cancel press Do Not Disturb again or press Feature #85.
Last Number Redial: Press Feature 5 - automatically redials the last number you called.

Voicemail Setup

  • Press Feature 981
    • The temporary password is 0000
  • Choose a new password (4-8 digits and it cannot start with 0)
  • Enter your new password again
  • Press OK
  • At the tone, record your first and last name
  • Accept name
  • Press OK
  • Press Release

*If you are having trouble with signing into the voicemail for the first time please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have us reset it to all 0's and then try again.

Record Greeting

  • Dial Feature 981
  • Enter your password and press #
  • Press the number 8 or admin
  • Press the number 2 or greet
  • Press the number 1 or record
  • Press the number 1 or prime
  • Press the number 1 or yes
  • At the tone, record your greeting.
    • Press # or OK to end your greeting.

 Checking Messages From Outside the School

  • When the auto attendant answers, press * *. 
  • You will be prompted to enter your mailbox number and password followed by #.

 Login to Your Voicemail (your own extension)

  • Press the Voice Mail button.
    • OR
  • Press Feature 98.
  • Enter your password and follow the prompts.

 Login to Your Voicemail (another extension)

  • Press Feature 981
  • Press *
  • Enter your extension and password
  • Press #