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Andy Amlin 7th/8th Grade History amlin.andy
Susan Bodnyk 7th Grade Science bodnyk.susan
Brandon Buck 8th Grade Math buck.brandon
Jamee Burke 7th Grade Co Math/ELA 9th Grade Algebra I / Acc. Alg. I / RR Alg. I burke.jamee
Erin Duffy 7th/8th Grade Art duffy.erin
Emily Ehresman 7th Grade History / 9th Grade ELA ehresman.emily
Todd Endder 8th Grade Technology endder.todd
Jason Engle 7th/8th Grade PE engle.jason
Carrie Freshour 7th/8th Grade Choir\ freshour.carrie
Charles Groth 8th Grade General Music groth.charles
Mike Hoffman 7th/8th Grade AG hoffman.mike
Barb Huber 7th Grade ELA/History huber.barb
Crystal Jennings 8th Grade Presto This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dave Mason 7th Grade Money and You mason.dave
Dereck McDonald 7th Grade Math mcdonald.dereck
David Miller 7th Grade Technology miller.david
Jordan Oliver 9th Grade World History oliver.jordan
Julie Rexroad 9th Grade Science I / 9th Grade Algebra I rexroad.julie
Krista Richmond 8th Grade ELA richmond.krista
Matt Safford 7th/8th Grade Band safford.matt
Cindy Shciefer 8th Grade Co Math/ELA/Science shciefer.cindy
Mike Smith 8th Grade Science smith.mike
Nathan Smith 7th Grade History smith.nathan