Attendance Policy

A primary obligation of the school is to have regular attendance by the students of their assigned classes. A relationship between success in school and good attendance does exist. Therefore, the purpose of this policy is to reward students who do attend school regularly and to penalize students who are frequently absent from their classes. Regular attendance is a habit that directly applies to the world of work. This policy stresses to the students the importance of regular attendance, and it promotes a habit that will transfer into adulthood.

I. Excused Absences may include the following:

Personal illness
Severe illness in the immediate family
Death of a family member
Religious observance
Vacation with immediate family
In-school suspension
College visitation
Wyandot County Fair

Other legitimate reasons which have received prior approval of the Attendance Officer (doctor, dentist, blue slip, etc.). All other absences are considered unexcused. NOTE: A student may make up work missed during an excused absence. However, an unexcused absence results in a “zero” for the day and the student is encouraged to make up missed work.

 II. Definition of terms:

A. Personal Illness—Parents (or guardians) should notify Wynford High school (562-7828 Ext. 234) at any time prior to 7:30 am if their child will be absent or tardy from school due to personal illness. A note will be required to be presented to the Attendance Officer upon returning to school in order to receive an Excused Absence slip to show teachers. After the maximum number of days absence has been reached, only a doctor’s excuse will be honored as an excused absence for personal illness. If the student does not bring a parental or doctor’s note, the absence becomes unexcused until the proper note is obtained by the Attendance Officer (48 hour grace period).

B. Work in Home—In all such cases, the parents must attempt to notify the Attendance Officer prior to the Work Day. The Work Day is not to be used for tasks such as baby-sitting, shopping, cleaning at home, preparation of special occasions, etc. No excuse for work will be issued if the student has a poor scholastic standing or a poor attendance record. No student will be excused from school under the purpose of looking for a job. The only exception to this rule will be when a student has been notified by a company of a specific job interview/testing that must be attended at a specific time. These absences will count toward the allowed maximum. 

C. Vacation with immediate family—While the school recognize that some industries and seasonal occupations grant vacations only during the non-summer months, we do feel that vacations should not be conducted during the school year that would involve missing school time. Students who miss school due to family vacations will be granted a maximum of five (5) days of excused absence, provided that:

  1. Prior notification in writing is given to attendance officer.
  2. All teachers are contacted concerning missing work prior to the absence (blue slip). The student will be expected to turn work in completed upon the return to school.
  3. Maximum amount of absences has not been reached.  

D. In-School Suspension—If a student is placed on In-School suspension, he/she has a right to make up for credit any work missed during the suspension. Teachers will be expected to assign work to students serving In-School suspension.

E. College Visitation—Seniors are given three college days for the purpose of talking with admissions officers and touring campus. A form must be filled out and signed before the college day is granted (blue slip). Permission must also be obtained from the Guidance Counselor. Juniors are permitted two college visitation days. These days are not counted against attendance for Blue/Gray/White teams if covered through the guidance office. 

F. Hunting—A student may be excused for one day of hunting in a school year provided a valid license and a parental excuse is presented to the Attendance Officer prior to the absence. 

G. Blue Slips—When a student knows in advance that he/she will be absent from school, he/she should notify the Attendance Officer and pick up a blue slip to be signed by parent or guardian, teachers, and the Attendance Officer. Blue slips must be turned in three days prior to the absence. If proper procedures are not followed or signatures not obtained, the absence(s) may be unexcused. Blue slips will be obtained for the following:

  1. College visitation
  2. Hunting
  3. Vacations
  4. Wyandot County fair
  5. Others arranged through attendance, guidance, or the principal’s office

III. Unexcused absences:

Any absence not defined as excused is unexcused. A student is encouraged to make up any school work missed during an unexcused absence and receives a “zero” for the day(s) involved. Some examples of unexcused absences include (but are not limited to) the following: car trouble, oversleeping, missing the bus, shopping, beauty shop appointments, baby-sitting, out-of-school suspensions, truancy and senior pictures. Truancy is defined as a student deliberately not attending school (or specific classes) because of an unexcused reason. Four tardies to school will result in 1 (one) unexcused absence from school.

IV.Attendance limitations:

A limitation is placed on the number of absences from the school (and individual classes). After accumulating the maximum number of absences from any one class, the absences become unexcused and any work accomplished becomes a “zero”. The limitations are as follows: 

                Semester………….6 days (including semester classes)                 Year……………..12 days 

In accordance with Ohio Department of Education’s attendance policy and expectation of a standard rate of attendance for students of 93%, Wynford High School/Jr. High attendance policy of maximum allowable days of 6 days a semester and a total of 12 days for an academic school year may be missed. After the said days (6 a semester or 12 a year) medical documentation must be provided. If a student misses a day for any reason the student must provide the written verification regarding the absence within a 48 hour time frame for it to be considered an excused absence; after the 48 hour time frame the absence will be in fact an unexcused absence. This means that “blanket” Dr. excuses will no longer be permitted. After the 6 days a semester or 12 days for the year are met the student will be reviewed for possible expulsion from school days missed under suspension or expulsion; court, college visitation, school sponsored activities days absent for doctor, dentist, will be deducted. Students who are tardy four times will be counted as a full day’s absence and the absence will be unexcused. Students who reach the allowed maximum number will be subject to an administrative review to determine further disciplinary action. The review team may consist of but not limited to the Attendance Officer, Principals, and Guidance Counselors. All attendance excuses may be accepted/denied at the discretion of the administration. 

Any student who accumulates three unexcused absences during any one grading period will receive a failing grade for the grading period in question for any or all classes involved in the unexcused absence.(Excluding Suspensions and Expulsions)

V. Loss of Driver’s License or Driver’s Permit

A student at Wynford High School is subject to suspension of his/her driver’s license or permit by the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles for any of the following reasons:

  1. 10 days in succession of unexcused absence from school.
  2. More than 12 days of unexcused absence during a semester.
  3. Suspension or expulsion related to drug/alcohol use or possession.
  4. Dropping out of school (as defined by statutoryguidelines). 

The notification to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is required by law when any of the above conditions exist. The suspension of license shall be for 90 calendar days, unless the student becomes 18 years of age or graduates from school. During the period of suspension, no unexcused absences will be permitted or the license suspension may be extended. 

VI. Attendance Procedures:

A. Parents/guardians should notify Wynford High School (562-7828 Ext. 234) by 7:30 AM if their child will be absent from school that day. Parents may call at any time and leave a message on the answering machine.  

  1. If no call is received and a student is absent, contact may be initiated by the school. Parents will be contacted via telephone at home or work (as per Emergency Medical Card).
  2. If no phone contact is achieved, parents will be notified by U.S. Mail via written notification.
  3. In cases where students do not have telephones, notification will be achieved through the U.S. Mail.
  4. The law does not set any timeline for notification in the event of student absence. School officials are advised that a “reasonable attempt” must be made in regards to parent/guardian notification. 

B. Upon returning to school following an absence, the student should report to the Attendance Officer immediately for an admittance slip. At this time the absence will be determined as excused or unexcused. Parents should send a signed note if prior notification has not been made. Students will showadmittance slip to each of their teachers during the day. Notes from doctors and/or parents will not be accepted upon the student’s return after 48 hours. 

C. A student having been absent from school for more than two class periods but not more than six class periods will be credited with one-half day absence (excused or unexcused). A student having been absent from school for more than six class periods will be credited with one day of absence (excused or unexcused). 

D. A student may not miss more than two class periods (unless on a school-sponsored activity, medical absence excused by the principal, or prearranged absence with the Attendance Officer or principal) in order to participate in an extra-curricular activity, practice or contest that particular day or evening. 

E. All attendance records will be kept and maintained by the Attendance Officer. All teachers will keep accurate daily attendance records for their assigned classes. When a student reaches the limits, the teacher should inform the Attendance Officer in order to verify the student’s record. 

VII. Appointments during the school day:

Since the Attendance Officer has the responsibility for accounting for all students during the school day, students must not leave the building during the school day without first reporting to the Attendance Office and obtaining permission. The student then signs out in the office and signs in upon returning. Students leaving the building without signing out will be treated as truant. Every effort should be made to limit the time away from the building and anyone gone for more than two (2) class periods will be credited with an appropriate amount of absence.

VIII. Tardiness:

If a student comes late to school, he/she will report to the Attendance Office immediately to receive an admittance slip to class. Tardiness to school will be excused or unexcused depending on the reason. Once a student has been tardy to school for four times, the student will be counted as unexcused absent for one (1) entire day on that specific day After three unexcused absences for any one grading period the student will FAIL the class in question for the grading period. Any further violations of this nature may result in disciplinary action by the administration.