State Fair Band



Wynford Local Schools is proud to announce that two students from Wynford High School were named to the 2018 All-Ohio State Fair Band and Youth Choir membership.  Timothy Chandler, a senior trombone; and Todd Chandler, a junior sousaphone and tuba; were given the honor to participate in the 2018 All-Ohio State Fair Band. The All-Ohio State Fair Band was founded in 1925 and today it is comprised of talented and superior musicians throughout the State of Ohio.  Timothy and Todd Chandler began their membership on July 21st in which they participated in several intense days of rehearsal with other members of the band. Once their rehearsal time is completed they will be performing at the Ohio State Fair. The two talented musicians will take part in rehearsing close to 60 pieces of concert music of various styles and genres as well as numerous marches.  Once the fair opens , both students will be performing for the All-Ohio State Fair Youth choir and will sing at approximately six to eight concerts a day and marching up to 10 miles around the State Fair as well as the Expo Center in Columbus. Timothy and Todd were selected based on their student ability and recommendations from choral and band directors. Congratulations Timothy and Todd Chandler and we are proud of you!