High School

Parents and guardians,

Exam schedule:

Wednesday, December 21st

1st period 7:30-8:59

2nd period 9:02-10:29

4th period 10:29-12:27

A- 10:29-10:59 eat 10:59-12:27 exam : Mason and Engel

Who eats A lunch: Grove, Oliver, Burke, Schiefer, Enders, Huber, McDonald, Bodnyk, Amlin, Buck, Smith, Richmond

B- 11:13-11:43 eat 10:29-11:13 and 11:43-12:27 exam Lunch Duty: Mason 

Who is eating B lunch: Freshour, Hoffman, Martin, Duffy
C- 11:57-12:27 eat 10:29-11:57 exam Lunch Duty: Mason

Who eats C lunch: Chandler, Hurles, Emser, E. Ehresman, O'Brien, Banta, Wheeler, Rexroad, Lawhun, Jennings

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017


6th period 7:30-9:00

7th period 9:05-10:35

3rd period 10:35-12:35

A- 10:35-11:05 eat 11:05-12:35 exam Lunch Duty: Richmond, Enders

Who eats A lunch: Jennings, Hoffman, Engel, Duffy, Huber, Bodnyk, Amlin, Buck, McDonald, Smith

B- 11:20-11:50 eat 10:35-11:20 and 11:50-12:35 exam Lunch Duty: Enders

Who is eating B lunch: Mason, Freshour, Martin,

C- 12:05-12:35 eat 10:35-12:05 exam Lunch Duty: Richmond

Who is eating C lunch: Hurles, Emser,E. Ehresman, O'Brien, Rabun, Wheeler, Rexroad, Lawhun

period 12:40-2:10  (this is 8th grade encore period, so they do not have an exam)

5th/8th period 12:40-2:10

**** We had to move 3rd/5th period because of the overlap of teachers and coverage issues of the 7th grade.****


     Welcome to Wynford HS web page! We also offer a Facebook site entitled "Wynford High School" if you would like to follow for instant notifications on High School related information. Wynford High School takes great pride in our academic excellence as well as our athletic achievements. There has been several physical changes to the building inside and out. Please stop by or in the building to take a look around. Wynford HS has been collaborating with five other area schools to form the Crawford County Youth Leadership Council. The group is using The Urban Meyer book entitled: Above the Line, Lessons from a Championship Season to guide our lessons. We also recognize our students for displaying elite, exceptional, or Above the Line behaviors in or out of the classroom. Our Blue, Gray, White academic incentive program has changed, in which all students are required to complete 3 hours of preapproved through the office of community service per applied quarter of BGW. If addition, if a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing they are not applicable for BGW. Wynford HS was recently recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as a "Momentum" school. This is a very prestigious award given to top 10% of buildings achieving growth in the state of Ohio.

 2016 Momentum Award

The preapproved Community Service is as follows:

Community Credit for Blue/Gray/White Application                             11-1-16    

Alli's Rhett Walk    Traci Coffman
The Americettes Baton Corp    Holly Motil (419) 618-4225
BORN (call ahead)     Eliza Cole or BORN charge person (419-557-4550)
Bratwurst Festival Help    Kevin Myers - vendors.bratwurst This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bucyrus Kilbourne Klover 4-H Club    Sandy Fankhauser (419-562-1679)
Bay Soccor League Concession Stand    Ruth Layton  (419-569-0891
Chain Gang for Freshman/JV/ JH Football    Tim Ehresman/ Jason Engel
Chain Gang for Youth Football program    Youth Coach present
Chatfield Pietist Church    Rachel Odey (419-617-8058)
Community Luncheon Help    Principal
Concession Stand    Julie Crall/Advisor
Crawford County Park District    Bill Fisher   (419-683-9000)
Crawford County 4-H Camp Counselors     Allison Cooper (419-689-1470), Jason Hartschuh(419-561-1216)
Crawford County Junior Fair Board    Leah Hartschuch/ Allison Cooper (419-689-1470)
Crawford Little Critters 4-H Club    Craig Orewiler(419-562-4936) Mike orTammy Grady (419-895-3470)
Dairy Maids and Gents 4-H Club    Karen Hudson (419-563-0102)
Dallas Township 4-H Club    Dawn or Milton Underwood (419-310-4923)
Elementary Volunteer    Classroom Teacher/ Principal
FFA BBQ or other FFA organized events    Tessa Martin/ Mike Hoffman
Fine Arts Festival Help    Art Teacher
General Janitorial Help    Janitor
General Wynford Event Set Up/Clean Up    Janitor
Good Hope  Church meals for families    Kathy Wells              (419-563-4651)
Good Hope Church (Wow Wednesday 5:00pm)    David Wolfe      (419-230-9544)
Heartland 4-H Club    Greg Hartschuh  (419-561-1364)
Holmes Liberty Royal Lions 4-H Club    Nichole Langmeyer (419-689-9510)
Humane Society (permission needed and time set up)    Trishia Tackett, Amy Smith, Victoria Carmean
Interact Activities    Advisor
Line Judging for Junior High Volleyball     George Barbuto/Coach
Lykens Champions  4-H Club    Leah Hartschuch/ David Hartschuh/ Melissa Christman
     (410- 561-0260)       (419-561-1171)          (419-569-5895)
Nevada Methodist church-monthly community dinner    D.J. Lafferty - pastor               (740-482-2830)
Nevada Methodist church  Guiding Grace Clothes Closet    D.J. Lafferty - pastor  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nevada Methodist church  (call ahead)    D.J. Lafferty - pastor    (740) 482-2830)
Mt. Zion Buckeye 4-H Club    Diane Sand (419-834-0407), JoLyn Williams (567-232-0744)
Pickwick Place (seasonal/call ahead)    Kent or Laura Stuckey
Project MORE    Sarah Maurizi/Amy Taylor-Sheldon
Recycling    Sally Ruth/Advisor present/ Tim Ehresman/ Coach
Salvation Army (call ahead)    Lieutenant Annie Buckles
Set Design/construction for drama department    Drama Advisor
St. Paul Lutheran Church Youth Group    Christine Crall           (419-689-3592)
Student Council (after school activities)    Advisor
Timers for Swimming/Track    Coach of Event
Town & Country 4-H Club     Cindi Welsh (740-482-2738)
Trillium Event Center - set up/clean up    Dick Gervais
Unger Park Mowing (supplies on sight)    Bill Fisher
United Methodist Church Bucyrus Clothing/Food Drive     Melissa Schluter/Jim Leyda
United Methodist Church Bucyrus Soup Kitchen    Melissa Schluter/Jim Leyda
Whetstone Go-Getters 4-H Club    Andrea Stump (419-617-2345)
Wyandot East Fire/EMS     Nevada 014 Captain Doug Kalb (740-251-8857)
Wynford Cross Country Invitational    Coach  Engel
wynford Garden Club    Mary Lee Minor  (419-562-6377)
Wynford PTO projects    Amy Zender (419-569 -6721)
Wynford Winners 4-H Club    Connie Seville(419-562-0283)
YMCA (call ahead)    419-562-6218
Young Riders    Trisha Tacket (419-563-5170)



Jeff Holbrook

Wynford HS Principal