Royal Leaders

The following students were recognized by their teachers for exemplifying/displaying the Habits of Highly Effective People. Congratulations to the following Junior High Students:

Zack Minger – “Be Proactive” Nominated by Mrs. Huber - Zack moved ahead on his own and marked his practice for the day.
Kitani Vanderkoi – “Think Win-Win” and “Synergize”  Nominated by Mr. McDonald – Kitani helps straighten up the classroom on a daily basis.  
Morgan Teynor – “Think Win-Win” Nominated by Mrs. Huber – Morgan helps organize Mrs. Huber’s closet during activity period.
Paige Smith – “Think Win-Win” Nominated by Mrs. Huber – Paige organizes the chromebooks in the cart and helps take the cart back to the media center. 
Soren Gerlach – “Be Proactive” Nominated by Mrs. Richmond – Soren helped a students use Kami during test practice.  
Matthew Schiefer – “Put First Things First” Nominated by Mrs. Richmond – Matthew stayed after school to put chromebooks away.